The Albany Academy brings a level of competition not found anywhere else. Student-athletes receive personalized instruction, conditioning, and guidance as they improve in all aspects of the sport. Student-athletes of the tennis program spend multiple hours training on the court with both match play and skills and match-simulation drills. Through various technologies, our expert team of coaches and staff analyze each student-athlete’s technique and play to help advance their game.


Our tennis student-athletes compete in many notable tournaments, including Orange Bowl, Eddie Her, USTA Nationals, and ITF Junior Tour.


COURAGE as a tennis player incorporates focus, decision-making, and determination to succeed. The application and strength of the mind is fundamental in the one-on-one battle of a tennis match. It is about working hard at every point, being drilled to make the right shot at the right time, the commitment to training, and attaining the most out of yourself.

MOVEMENT and fitness are crucial for a tennis player. Being fitter than an opponent is a huge advantage; being able to move freely and wear down an opponent while still feeling fresh provides both physical and mental superiority. Fitness is solely determined by the athlete and is not reliant on opponents, the type of court, or weather conditions. A fit, healthy body contributes to a fit, healthy mind.

OPPORTUNITIES are important to recognize not only on the court but in life. Having the ability to recognize when an opportunity arises and take advantage of it is a critical state-of-mind for all tennis players. The mental application in tennis is often the difference in achieving success, and we instill the positive thinking, concentration on the task, and ability to analyze and react in our student-athletes.

NURTURE and growth of each student-athlete is an essential part of success. We take into account the well-being of each player and help give them life skills for the future. By providing a structured, disciplined environment, we encourage student-athletes to excel in training, fitness, diet, positive thinking, and academics.



Student-athletes train and compete on dedicated Windsor School tennis courts along with six additional lighted Har-Tru tennis courts and hard courts at Albany. A padel tennis facility is on site for those looking to experience a different form of the game for fun.


Precision is an important part of the game. With the latest PlaySight smart court technology, student-athletes can transform their game. The fully interactive technology monitors and tracks all activity on the court and offers professional-level analysis and evaluation tools; taking your game to the next level.


With a dedicated lap pool, world-class gym, track, soccer field and basketball court, Windsor School provides an unparalleled fitness center for the elite training programs of Albany Academy. The gym also includes a locker and ice bath room where student-athletes can replenish there body after a long day of training.



Lleyton Hewitt made a name for himself early on in his career, becoming the youngest male ever to be ranked No. 1 in the world in singles tennis. With singles titles victories including the U.S. Open and Wimbledon men’s singles titles, U.S. Open men’s doubles title, and back-to-back Tennis Masters Cup titles, Lleyton has earned more than 33 titles in his nearly 20-year professional career.


Originally from Barbados, Richele LeSaldo has played and coached internationally for over 20 years. Upon graduating from Clemson University in South Carolina, Richele spent the last decade coaching several players and teams at various levels. As a coach, she has worked with national teams, as well as helped many junior, collegiate and professional players reach their individual goals and achieve success. 


As an experienced player and coach at the highest level of the game, Richele understands the importance of education and commitment to training. She has experienced success helping players compete in junior Grand Slams and professional tour-level, competitive tennis events around the world.


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