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Albany Academy Students Continue to Claim the Leaderboard

It was another fantastic day for Albany Academy students who competed in the U.S. Kids Foundation Tournament at Baha Mar. The weather was incredibly challenging, with thunderstorms carrying heavy wind and rain that caused long delays on the course.

In the Girls 15-18 Division, Anne Fernandez, Holly McLean, and Emily Mayne all shot +2 and had a playoff. Anne claimed the victory as Holly and Emily tied for second place.

In the Girls 13–14 Division, Mattea Issa shot +6 to win back-to-back victories.

The streak continued with the boys’ Divisions, including Captain Harry White who shot +11,

and Aidan Gorospe who shot a +9, both being crowned champion for the 11-year and 12-year Divisions respectively. Oliver White finished in second for the Boys 13-14 Division and the streak didn’t stop there.

Competing in the Boys 15-18 Division, Heath Kane finished first with Alex Depuch who shot +3 taking home second place. Walker Faust shot +6 to claim third and to round out the leader’s circle, Alexander Rowland finished in fourth.

Congratulations to everyone who played and battled in such challenging and demanding conditions without giving up.


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